Brumby Week is an annual event comprising a week of adventure and learning more about the world’s wild and feral horses, Australian  brumbies, and the lands they inhabit.

26th – 31st August

Watch workshops training desert brumbies from wild to rideable using natural horsemanship. Be part of brumby observation in the wild and brumby 4x4 safaris at local waterholes and through the majestic Western Desert spinifex and mulga country. Share culture through indigenous immersion to learn more about the history, culture, foods and medicine of the local people whose lands the brumbies graze on. Get involved in lectures and presentations on the behaviour and life of desert brumbies in Australia, as well as guest international speakers (in the past these have included Przewalski’s horse experts and Mustang horse experts), film premieres and documentaries on the wild horses. Sit back and relax with damper and poetry around the campfire, and or test your muscles with guided hikes of the local Watarrka National Park, or Kings Canyon National Park, plus much more, all undertaken under the incredible George Gill Ranges and on the expansive Kings Creek Station.

Our incredible team will look after you this whole time, ensuring you get where you need to go, are fed amazing 3-course meals, and can just enjoy the unique experience of being out in the heart of Australia learning about these wonderful animals and their environment.

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Brumby Events

  • ‘Breaking in’ or gentling brumbies using natural horsemanship and training demonstrations
  • 4wd brumby observational tours in the Brumby Runner
  • Photography and observations of brumbies by the waterhole

Lectures & Workshops

  • The behaviour of brumbies
  • History of the early explorers and the horses that became brumbies
  • Population control of brumbies
  • Learn about the Przewalski, Kaimanawa horses and Mustangs from our international speakers
  • Participate in White Paper discussions
  • And more!

Fun & Adventure

  • Bush poetry around the drovers campfire
  • The Kings Creek Station story with Ian Conway
  • Karrke Indigenous immersion featuring dot painting, spears and bush foods
  • Guided exploration of Kings Canyon & Watarrka National Park

Brumby Week taught me about brumby behaviour, their ‘family’ banding structures, their resilience and ecological compatibility. It was fascinating observing them in their natural surrounds and  seeing the magic of wonderful horse whispers educating them.

BUT, it was much more than brumbies…the adventure of  walking stunning Kings Canyon, learning first hand amazing indigenous culture, enjoying Australian poetry around the campfire and finally the wonderful hospitality of Ian and Lyn Conway and their dedicated team at Kings Creek Station.

This is an experience you deserve and will cherish for a lifetime.


2018 Brumby Week Participant

In 2019, we're going bigger and better.

2019 Program & Speakers to be Announced Soon

But here are some of the incredible people who presented in the last two years!
  • Dr Steve Petersen, Mustang horse specialist
  • Dr Kristin Brabender, Przewalski’s horse specialist
  • Dr David Berman, feral horse and animal specialist (NT + QLD)
  • Dr Brian Hampson, Australian brumby researcher & trainer
  • Prof Chris Pollitt, Australian brumby researcher, hoof specialist & documentary-maker
  • Jill Pickering, Victorian Brumby Alliance
  • Anna Uhrig, undergraduate brumby researcher and trainer
  • And more!


Brumby Week is held at Kings Creek Station, 5.5 hours from Alice Springs and 3.5 hours from Uluru in Central Australia.

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