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Mereenie Horse Trek 2020

The Mereenie Horse Trek

The Mereenie Horse Trek will be a five-day 150km trek on horseback with 4WD support taking five young Aboriginal people in the BushMob rehabilitation program, their elders and their support crew through some of the beautiful range country of the Central Ranges of Central Australia this August 2020.

The young folk we work with will learn from their Aboriginal elders and support crew how to work as a team, how to look after themselves, their horse and their mates out in the middle of nowhere. They will learn first-hand how to navigate the landscape, advance their horsemanship, camping out, bush cooking, bush tucker and basic indigenous culture. There will be no mobile phones, television, town distractions and no vices. Just good old-fashioned survival, team work and mateship while travelling through their native lands.

Currently seeking sponsorship, and proud to be already supported by:

Some of our talented Bushmob riders from 2019.

Organised by the Brumby Week team

Organisers of the past three years’ Brumby Week events in Central Australia, this year the team is turning their interests to meaningful projects working directly with traditional owners, landowners, and long-time collaborators. Expert horsemen and women, the Brumby Week team have over a decade of experience working in the Central Australian desert with the horses, people and lands. This is the second year they have partnered with Bushmob to work with young folk around horsemanship and lifeskills. 

Partnering with Bushmob Aboriginal Corporation

Bushmob Aboriginal Corporation, established in Alice Springs in 1999, is a not-for-profit organisationwith the mission of empowering young people, whose lives have been affected by alcohol, sniffing, drugs and crime, to get the self-respect, trust, courage and skills to have a good life. This is achievedthrough three programs including a residential rehabilitation program, an outreach bush adventure therapy program and an outreach intensive support program for young indigenous people.

With your help

We can ensure this program is as impactful and powerful as possible! We are still sourcing cash donations and product donations to help this trek be powerful, meaningful, and engaging for the young folk we’re working with. We need your help to get us there, so that we can teach skills, share learning, encourage connection to community and country, and impart knowledge on horsemanship and the land.

Sponsored equipment so far

Incredible hoof boots & saddle pads sponsored by  Cavallo.

Tough workshirts sponsored by Bootsco Workwear and RiteMate Workwear.

Why this matters

“I’ve worked in the youth education space for over 10 years, working with close to 20,000 young people and this is one of the most transformative programs I have seen. Educating and investing in young people on their terms, in an environment they feel comfortable in meant we saw immediate impact in the participants. Their confidence in self, skills in teamwork and communication skyrocketed. This is what empowerment is.”

MR, Brumby Week Organiser

Our collaboration with Bushmob in 2019 was one of the most meaningful programs. The Bushmob horseriders were fantastic, they learned so much in a week and you could really see them come out of their shells. I know that this program made a lifetime difference, not just for them, but me too.”

ES, 2018 Brumby Week Participant

Brumby Week offers a chance to domesticate and rehome some of the feral horses. Visitors are offered the chance to break in or ‘gentle’ brumbies using natural horsemanship and training demonstrations. There are also 4WD tours to see and photograph the wild horses at waterholes and in the wild, as well as lectures and workshops on brumby behaviour, the history of early explorers and population control.”

Lonely Planet, 2018

Help us to create an unforgettable adventure for our young folk

Get in touch to see how you can help out.

Get in contact

Dr. Brian Hampson
Event Organiser, The BushMob/Brumby Week Team

E:  M: 041 772 1102